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She maintained her day job for more than a year as the small company started to gain traction and grow. As her customers, also known as Divas, began ordering items on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, she knew she had something promising. But things weren't always easy for the Huntsville entrepreneur. "It definitely appears to be a fast-rise, but in reality there was over a year of little to no growth," she told "Those were the times that were most difficult. Continuing to grow the group while also working full-time as a nurse in the ER was hard." Discount Divas now specializes in clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags and more at lower prices and in a wide variety of sizes. The startup operates at HuntsvilleWest, a 1-year-old incubator and co-working space on 3001 Ninth Ave. S.W., founded by Brandon Kruse, Halpin-Kruse's husband. Unlike traditional boutique shops, Discount Divas doesn't have a brick-and-mortar storefront.

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