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Both locations feature local products made by Southern artists and producers, as well as Southern Living branded books. The stores opened in time for Memorial Day weekend. With the rise in mobile shopping, brick-and-mortar retail is becoming a more and more challenging space. However, Kristen Payne, VP of Time Inc. Licensing, explains that Southern Living has a unique edge because it’s an experiential brand. “Our consumers sip tea, hear authors tell their stories live at our book signings, and spend hours in our stores playing with products and tasting the food products we prep in our in-store kitchens. It’s how they like to shop.” Southern Living is involved in the selection of all the products. Part of the brand’s strategy with retail involves sharing artists and companies that have been featured in print and online. “This is to make it a seamless experience for our consumers,” Payne says. “Every food product is tested in our kitchen.

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